Hayden Vloedmans graduates.
Hayden Vloedmans graduates. Christopher Chan

Centre gives new confidence

HAYDEN Vloedmans admits he struggled with reading and writing until his mother enrolled him at the Exodus Tutorial Centre.

"Mum was getting worried about my learning, so when Exodus came to my school she said I should join up," Hayden said.

The Boyne Island State School student said he was scared he wouldn't make any friends when he joined the program and was worried about being bullied.

"I was surprised I made friends so easily. It's been really fun," the 12-year-old said.

After excelling in the program and receiving a lot of stickers in comprehension, Hayden said he was more confident with his abilities and in his studies.

"The centre is a great place for students who are having trouble with reading well," he said.