SUCCESFUL SEASON: Central FC captain Garth Lawrie won prestigious CQPL award.
SUCCESFUL SEASON: Central FC captain Garth Lawrie won prestigious CQPL award. Matt Taylor GLA170518FOOT

Central FC star player wins CQPL award

SOCCER: Garth Lawrie is almost the complete package player and proved it when he was awarded the prestigious Player of the Year for Division One in the Central Queensland Players League.

Lawrie was surprised about winning the award but remained humbled.

"I was pretty surprised about it and didn't expect to win it due to missing out on four games during the season because of several injuries," Lawrie said.

Keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground, Lawrie had high praise for his teammates and Central FC.

"The whole team played well all year and this is Central's first year back in the CQPL after being out for three years and we came fourth overall," he said.

Lawrie has been playing with Central for 20 years this year and said he looked forward to having another go in 2019.

He was in the running for the Golden Boot award for highest goal scorer for his division but was hampered by injuries.

Central FC coach Joel Maudsley said Lawrie stood out from other players and deserved the award.

"He's such a skilful player and talented whether in attack with the ball or in defence when breaking down the opposition attacker," Maudlsey said.

Competition clubs vote for Player of the Year.

"All the coaches pick the player of the game based on a three-two-one points system at the end of it," Maudlsey said.

Although Central Division 1 and 2 finished fourth and third at the end of the season, there were still a lot of positives to draw from 2018.

"We had been out of the competition for three years and set out the goals of a top-four finish for both divisions and we achieved it," Maudlsey said.

"There are some quality juniors coming through and some older experienced players to help and Lawrie winning the award shows what success the club can gain."