Central FC will looking to climb the competition ladder this fixture round.
Central FC will looking to climb the competition ladder this fixture round. Matt Taylor GLA190518SOCC

Central FC after competition points against Frenchville

SOCCER: Central FC coach Joel Maudsley says self-confidence and team spirit will be key when playing Frenchville SC tomorrow.

Sitting comfortably in fourth position, Maudsley wants the team to take control of its destiny and not rely on the outcomes of other games.

"Playing Frenchville at their home will be difficult but we enjoy a hard game and it will be nice and fair," he said.

"The team is progressing well and it will be good to come away with some points from the game.

"We basically have to win the games coming up and rely on ourselves where we end up in the competition and not on the results of other games."

Central take on Frenchville at Ryan Park, 7pm.

Clinton FC may have the bye this weekend but is planning to keep on top of the competition table.

Assistant coach Dan Horton said the results this year were the culmination of the squad's hard work.

"The lads have worked really hard this year and are really tight both on and off the field," he said.

"We are having a lot of fun and I think that's contributed to how well we are playing.

"A comprehensive three-nil win against second place Frenchville should instil the boys with lots of confidence."

Horton said they would continue to ramp up the training during these final fixtures and then reassess.

"Finals are an entirely different competition as we found out last year getting bounced out with back-to-back losses, which was incredibly disappointing," he said.

Clinton's next game is on at 7pm, August 11, at Clinton Field against Bluebirds.