Census 2016: Gladstone residents miss out, reports of hacking

GLADSTONE residents were among the thousands who missed out on completing their census last night after the website crashed.

ABC has reported this morning the ABS's David Kalisch said the census website had been attacked by hackers four times and was shut down as a precaution after the fourth attack.

"It was an attack, and we believe from overseas," he said.

When asked if the hacks were a deliberate attempt to sabotage the census, Mr Kalisch replied: "We believe so."

"The online census form was subject to four denial of service attacks yesterday," he explained.

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The site was taken down shortly after 7.30pm and the ABS tweeted the site would not be coming up again.

While thousands missed out, some Gladstone residents are thanking their lucky stars they ordered a paper version of the survey.

Jason Fitzgerald was not surprised at the site crash.

"Because everyone that waited to do it at the governments schedule of tonight on a server that can not accommodate that amount of people at once."

"When my code came in the mail i ordered a paper version straight away so i didnt have to bother dealing with the website," Abby Foxhall said.

To some, like Jodie Lee, it was no surprise.

"Could have seen that coming," she wrote.

Mel Hausheer and Hayley Webb also said they ordered the paper forms.

Residents have until mid-September to complete the survey, and they will not be fined.