“I know he has had sex with children because he had sex with me when I was 15.
“I know he has had sex with children because he had sex with me when I was 15."

Senior public servant ‘had sex’ with girl, 15

A YOUNG woman has told the Crime and Corruption Commission she was sexually abused from the age of 15 by a senior public servant who "groomed" her during regular visits to her foster home.

She believes the man, who was more than twice her age when they first had sex, used his considerable influence to stop police investigating her complaints.

And she says an email trail from her deceased foster mum shows the man has a cosy relationship with Department of Child Safety officers who were investigating wrongdoing at the home. In one message a Child Safety officer discussed the food options on offer at a local restaurant where they would met.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the CCC:

"I have come to the belief that he is a paedophile and has been exploiting children, and this has been either wittingly or unwittingly covered up by the Queensland Police Child Protection Unit.

"I know Mr … … has had sex with children because he seduced and had sex with me when I was 15.

"He did so at his house after he got me drunk."

The woman told The Courier-Mail the public servant gave her gifts took her on bush walks and to the theatre to gain her trust before they were intimate.

She had tried to break up but the relationship provided security for her when she left the foster home.

"I had become a ward of the state and was flattered by the attention he paid me," she said in her complaint.

The woman said she was placed in the foster home when her mother, a prostitute, was unable to cope because of a drug addiction.

She lost contact with her natural mother.

The woman who recently completed a science degree said she had "drawn a line" under her past and was determined to "move on".

However she went to the CCC after learning the public servant had recently befriended a youth group and had been seen with prepubescent teens.

She said police failed her before and she hoped they would now take her complaint seriously.