QAL caustic leak 'extremely rare' because of its size

UPDATE THURSDAY 5.32PM: QAL has forwarded the letter to residents in South and West Gladstone to the Observer.

UPDATE THURSDAY 1.30PM: While caustic leaks aren't unusual at QAL, the incident on Wednesday was "extremely rare" because of its size, according to community relations manager Jeremy Hastings.

"You could count on one hand the number of times we've had one this size - in the history of the operation," he said.

"We are really disappointed it has occurred."

Mr Hastings stressed there were no health impacts whatsoever, but said the company would work with people whose vehicles or property had been affected.

He said the impacted areas were "very specific" parts of south and west Gladstone.

QAL is finalising the last of the letter drops today.

An independent team was also being briefed, and would carry out an investigation into the incident.

Getting the results of that investigation could take up to a week.

WEDNESDAY 5PM: QAL staff are investigating the reason for a leak of alkali into the atmosphere yesterday around midday.

The leak does not constitute a danger to health, but there could be some damage to vehicles.

QAL community relations manager Jeremy Hastings said the company had dropped letters at all residences likely to have been affected by the leak.

"We have identified the exact area where there could have been damage to property," he said.

"If there is any damage, the company will rectify it."