Ghost chasers on the hunt
Ghost chasers on the hunt Chris Lees

'Haunted' pub creeps out ghost chasers: terrifying video

SHOCKING footage has emerged overnight of Warwick's supernatural world.

Below are a collection of videos that mysteriously appeared on the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page.

The posts and videos detail their experiences and strange happenings from a night spent at the beautiful Criterion Hotel on July 10.

In this first video a night vision camera was left unattended to record while the only four people on the premises were on the other side of the hotel.

Does a Ghost move this camera?: Vision from inside The Criterion Hotel from Toowoomba Ghost Chasers.

In this pretty creepy audio recorded in another room in the hotel, alleged spirits are heard whistling, talking and playing piano.

There is no piano at the Criterion Hotel...

Ghost Whistler: Whistling and piano heard in hotel with no piano.

And this from room 21

Is Room 21 Haunted?: Guests say they hear someone breathing in their ear.

Finally, here's a video the team shot inside the Criterion, showing the beauty and the history of the place. Nice place for a ghost to settle down really.

Is The Criterion Haunted?: Take a tour of Warwick's Creepy Criterion.

Haunted or not, it's certainly an amazing building and possibly, just maybe a little creepy.

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