A police officer was allegedly bitten by a Casino man.
A police officer was allegedly bitten by a Casino man. NSW Police

Casino man allegedly told cop he had AIDS before biting him

A CASINO man accused of biting a police officer while wearing a bra and having his penis exposed will remain in custody until his hearing.

Anthony Edward Tuesley pleaded not guilty to all charges, including assaulting police occasioning actual bodily harm, assaulting police, resisting police,and four counts of possessing a prohibited drug.

Mr Tuesley, 42, was arrested on Saturday night after an altercation with police where he had tried to resist arrest by striking police and biting one officer on the thigh.

Police will allege they had approached the vehicle Mr Tuesley was seated in after they had suspected it was unregistered and witnessed seeing syringes throughout the vehicle.

Police prosecutor Senior Sargent Greg Huxtable told Lismore Local Court Mr Tuesley, who was wearing a bra and had his penis exposed through his jeans, had allegedly tried to swallow a plastic balloon before his arrest.

Sen-Sgt Huxtable said Mr Tuesley's behaviour then became "out of control" where be began to hit the officers before biting one of them on the right upper thigh before announcing he had AIDS and Hepatitis C.

"It doesn't get much more serious from a police perspective when you get bitten by someone from a car with his penis out wearing a bra laughing that he has Hep C and AIDS," he said in court.

Mr Tuesley was taken to hospital to be treated for the items which he swallowed, which police will allege were illegal drugs.

A search of the vehicle revealed 27 grams of cannabis, 4 grams of cannabis resin and 11 grams of Buprenorphine, police will allege.

Items found by police when they searched a man's car in a Casino Shopping Centre carpark.
Items found by police when they searched a man's car in a Casino Shopping Centre carpark. Richmond Police District

Mr Tuesley's solicitor Thomas Trembath, who submitted an application for bail, agreed the matter between his client and police got "completely out of control".

"He's got a black eye, he's got a cut above his eye, he's got a huge bruise on his thigh," Mr Trembath said, pointing to his client who sitting in the dock.

"There is some contention about the police's need to approach him in the first place."

But Magistrate David Heilpern rejected the bail application on the basis of Mr Tuesley's long criminal history in Queensland, which he said included convictions of previous police assaults.

"The defendant has an appalling prior criminal history in Queensland," Mr Heilpern said.

"He's been jailed on dozens of occasions for a serious offences.

"I accept he does have some community ties but those community ties are weak.

"He's living with elderly people outside of Casino but that's all we know.

"The officers who (were involved) have had blood tests and been put on preventative drugs which causes them and no doubt their families huge amount of concern."

Mr Heilpern refused the bail application on the basis that he found unacceptable risks Mr Tueseley could fail to appear at any proceedings for the offence, commit a serious offence, endanger the safety of victims, individuals or the community or interfere with witnesses or evidence.

Mr Tuesley will return to Lismore Local Court on September 30, where he is expected to appear before Audio Visual Link.