Kids will love our fun new Dinosaur Collector Card series

ARE you mad for dinosaurs? Do you know your Brachiosaurus from your Brontosaurus?

If you have a T-Rex at home chasing an Ankylosaurus around the lounge then we have just the treat for you!

Our Dinosaur Collector Card series is shaping up to be the next best thing.

And you don't have to be the Flintstones to enjoy this exciting blast from the past.

With 40 unique cards to collect, there are hundreds of interesting facts to peruse and beautiful artistic representations that will make learning so much fun for your kids.

Hidden in 200 cards is the opportunity to win an amazingly life-like T-Rex figurine instantly.

There are also special entry invitations into the second-chance draw, which features must-have dinosaur packs valued at $98.95 each.

All you have to do is redeem a token from The Observer and exchange it for a set of two cards from participating newsagents.

The Dinosaur Collector Card series runs from Saturday, May 17, with the final cards available on Saturday, June 21.