Caravana Sun will be playing tonight at the Under the Trees festival.
Caravana Sun will be playing tonight at the Under the Trees festival.

Caravana Sun playing Under the Trees

CARAVANA Sun's performance on stage has been described as a 'band of juiced up gypsies let loose'.

The band's bass player and vocalist Ant Beard agreed.

"We're a high energy live band," he said.

"We've cut our teeth playing live music, it's what we're best at."

"We have a pretty good time on-stage, it surprises people."

Their music, a combination of rock, jazz, folk and surf rock has been winning crowds around the world.

"It's been a busy year," Ant said.

"We've just got back from an eight week tour overseas where we played Germany and the UK.

In spite of record summer temperatures during the European tour, Ant said it was a great experience.

"It was consistently hot over there," he said.

"But the shows were amazing."

Originating in Sydney, the group met in high school.

"We stayed together through university," Ant said.

"Luke and I got music degrees in sound composition and production, Alex the drummer is a primary school teacher and Ken our keyboard player also has a music degree."

"We got our degrees just in case the music journey didn't work out, but it has so far and it's been amazing.

"What keeps us together is our love of music."

The band's first album Guerrilla Club was released in 2016 and their latest CD Silver Linings was released this year.

"The song-writing process it's never really easy, it can be a bit of an elusive process," Ant said.

"I have 1970's Wurlitzer bat home I play around on and then the words start coming.

"I love the feeling of creating something beautiful, that I believe in that other people will connect with.

"Our last single, 'Come Back' was about a friend who passed away last year while surfing in Indonesia."

"I had some chords I'd been playing with for a month, but after hearing of his death the song I wrote came very quickly, about three hours."

Ant added that they are looking forward to playing Under the Trees tonight.

"We're looking forward to driving up and checking the country out," he said.

"We all love travelling and playing music, it keeps us together."