Brothers jailed for dope haul, car-boot abduction attempt

A BELIEF they were owed money by Ryan Dwyer led Geoffrey Lawrence Thorogood and Troy Desmond Thorogood to take the law into their own hands and ultimately helped land them behind bars.

The two brothers were sentenced in Gladstone District Court on Thursday after they pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary and robbery while in company.

Geoffrey Thorogood also pleaded guilty to production of dangerous drugs.

The court heard that on February 23, 2011, the Thorogoods had found their victim walking home and began shouting that Mr Dwyer owed Geoffrey money.

Later that night the victim woke up to being punched in the face by Geoffrey, 42, as Troy, 40, stood blocking the room to prevent escape.

After assaulting the victim, the Thorogoods stole a mobile phone and a tool bag and dragged Mr Dwyer to his car.

At the car, the brothers prepared to put Mr Dwyer in the boot but the victim managed to make his escape.

Mr Dwyer ran off towards Mt Larcom police station, where he spent the night hiding from the brothers as they drove around trying to locate their victim.

In the days following, police executed a search warrant at Geoffrey Thorogood's property where they found a significant cannabis crop which Geoffrey had been growing with his other brother Edward.

The crop, conservatively estimated at just over $250,000 worth, was comprised of 171 plants.

The commercial crop had seen earthmoving equipment used to change the water flow of a creek for irrigation of the plants, which were found in various locations around the property.

Geoffrey was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment for both offences, suspended after 18 months, with the remaining three years further suspended for five years.

Troy Thorogood was sentenced to two and a half years prison for his role in the home invasion, with a parole date of September 20 next year.