Casting her vote on Saturday, Capricornia MP Michelle Landry was optimistic about her chances of making history with a third win.
Casting her vote on Saturday, Capricornia MP Michelle Landry was optimistic about her chances of making history with a third win. Contributed

Capricornia, Flynn play a pivotal role in election result

AS THE celebrations continue and the recriminations commence following Saturday's victory by the Coalition government, a booth by booth analysis has revealed some interesting trends around Central Queensland's seats.

In the end, an unexpected strong showing in Queensland for the LNP, especially in marginal Central Queensland seats like Capricornia made all the difference in returning Prime Minister Scott Morrison for another three years.

After anticipating a close battle in Capricornia, it was almost an anti-climax when an untroubled LNP incumbent MP Michelle Landry romped to victory after garnering 40 per cent of the primary vote, finishing over 11,000 votes clear of her nearest rival Labor's Russell Robertson (according to the latest count).

It was a similar success story both north and south of Capricornia for the LNP's incumbent MPs George Christensen in Dawson and Ken O'Dowd in Flynn.

Mr Christensen shrugged off mud slinging to capture 43 per cent of the primary vote, more than doubling the vote his nearest rival Labor's Belinda Hassan (20.5 per cent).

Flynn was going to be a tight contest but Mr O'Dowd's 36 per cent of the primary vote saw him finish a comfortable 4000 votes (6 per cent) ahead of Labor's Zac Beers.

In her victory speech on Saturday night, the staunch Adani Carmichael coal mine advocate paid tribute to former Greens leader Bob Brown and the anti-Adani convoy he led from Tasmania to Central Queensland for galvanising locals "who don't like to be told what to do by blow-ins from down south".


The town at the western edge of Capricornia but in epicentre of the Adani debate, Clermont, fell in behind the Capricornia MP in a big way, with the two party preferred booth results showing four out of five voters (81 per cent) in support of her pro-coal, pro-jobs stance.

Following the Clermont booths, Ms Landry picked up strong two party preferred support in the south west Mackay booths of Chelona (76 per cent), Homebush (74 per cent) and Eton (74 per cent).

Areas further south and west of Mackay in Carmila (76 per cent), Nebo (73 per cent) and Swayneville (72 per cent) were also supportive of the Yeppoon-based road warrior's efforts to reach her constituents.

Since his nomination at the start of last year, Mr Robertson has divided his time between digging coal and traversing the massive electorate, chalking up over 130,000km on the road, knocking on over 10,000 doors and making over 10,000 phone calls.

Looking at the results around Capricornia, Mr Robertson managed to defeat Ms Landry at three electoral booths.

A polling station at his home base of Moranbah delivered him almost 57 per cent of the two party preferred votes.

This was followed by Collinsville at the northern extremity of Capricornia where he captured 52 per cent of the vote.

Mr Robertson's other strong performances were concentrated around the Rockhampton region - especially in Park Avenue which he narrowly won with 50.4 per cent of the vote.

Defeated in the remaining Capricornia booths, Mr Robertson had healthy showings at Rockhampton's Allenstown (48 per cent), Lakes Creek (47 per cent), Rockhampton South (47 per cent), West Rockhampton (46 per cent) and North Rockhampton (46 per cent).

The result has signalled the shift for Capricornia from historically being a Labor stronghold, to a marginal Conservative seat, to now being a fortified Conservative stronghold over the past decade.


In the electorate of Flynn, the booth break down was also interesting reading with the spoils shared between LNP's Mr O'Dowd, Labor's Mr Beers, and One Nation's Sharon Lohse who finished in third place.

Nearby at Gracemere, Mr O'Dowd narrowly won on two party preferred percentage of 50.46 and 55.59 per cent at Gracemere PPVC but he lost to Mr Beers at Gracemere South with only 46.08 per cent.

At Mount Morgan, Mr Beers was triumphant with 57 per cent of the vote.

Mr O'Dowd took out Agnes Water, Baffle Creek, Bajool, Banana, Benaraby, Biloela, Blackwater, Bouldercombe, Capella, Emerald, Miriam Vale, Monto, Stanwell, Theodore, Springsure, and Yarwun.

Mr Beers followed Labor's trend of doing well in urban areas by taking out Gladstone as well as booths at Worrabinda, Boyne Island, Tannum Sands, and Clinton.

One Nation's Ms Lohse attracted the majority of votes in Ambrose and Mount Larcom.