Young lovers share a passion for central Queensland rugby league club
Young lovers share a passion for central Queensland rugby league club

Capras couple shines

GERARD Tema and Kody House are Gladstone's power couple when it comes to rugby league.

The partners both play for the Central Queensland Capras, leading the way in both men's and women's rugby league.

The only problem with being so successful is the two barely get to watch each other play.

"We are both so busy with football we don't really get the chance to watch each other, we are in different places," House said.

Despite both representing the Capras, the two teams have different schedules.

Tema has played five matches for the Capras so far this year, and House will play this weekend as part of her team in a bid to be selected in the Central Division side.

From there, her goal is to gain selection in the Queensland team.

"We go to Roma this weekend and play Bundaberg, Toowoomba and Beerwah.

"I made Central last year and I want to play for Queensland. I never expect anything, on the day you can always play bad," she said.

It would make it hard for Tema to match his girlfriend's achievements, but he is eligible for the Queensland Residents team in a tough Queensland Cup competition.

Not allowed to play in the Central side, Tema is going away with his Gladstone mates as a water runner, also headed to Roma, and will get the rare chance to watch House play.

But he said it was worth the sacrifices to be a part of the Capras after missing the chance for several years.

"I have been training for the past five years with them but work came first," he said.

"This year I am not on shift so I thought I would give it a go."

He is giving it a go too, scoring a try last week and feeling a change at the club slowly developing, just not on the score board.

Most of all he is proud of what he has achieved, and to do it all with House by his side realising her aims along the way.

He also called upon Capras fans to stay strong as the team and couple continues the journey.

"Capras supporters should stay strong; all of the teams are making progress and we will get results soon," he said.