Hand Holding Small Marijuana Leaf with Cannabis Plants in Background
Hand Holding Small Marijuana Leaf with Cannabis Plants in Background

‘Cannabis by Christmas’: Indoor grow-lab busted at Biloela

IAN John Sanderson thought he was going to be smoking his home-grown cannabis by Christmas, until his holiday park lab was busted by rural authorities.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty in Biloela Magistrates Court on Wednesday to producing a dangerous drug and possessing items used for dangerous drug production.

The court heard that on October 14, Biloela police were called to a local holiday park in relation to a suspected drug set-up in Sanderson's room.

At 10am that day, police gained entry to the room and observed a hydroponic drug set-up in the bathroom of the unit.

Police saw materials and ingredients used to foster and grow cannabis including four seedlings, two bottles of fertilister and a UV light.

Sanderson later attended the Biloela Police Station, was interviewed and made admissions that the four small plants were cannabis.

Sanderson shared his growing plan with police and said he hoped to have the plants ready by Christmas.

The court heard the rigger by trade had previously struggled with alcohol addiction before turning to producing cannabis.

Duty lawyer Richard Parks said Sanderson had lost his job as a result of his offending.

"He is a blue card holder, involved in surf lifesaving and is also an Australian Air Force Cadets mentor," Mr Parks said.

"It is a very sad thing that has happened to him."

Magistrate Phillipa Beckinsale said the damage had already been done to Sanderson's life.

"It is mad to have dabbled in something like this, but you know that and it's too late," she said.

"You are lucky that you were dealing with very small seedlings that had not been given a chance to grow."

Sanderson was fined $750 and the items were ordered to be forfeited and destroyed.


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