Jo-Anne Longland claims her breast cancer diagnosis was delayed.
Jo-Anne Longland claims her breast cancer diagnosis was delayed.

Cancer-stricken mum sues over ultrasound ‘fail’

A Queensland mother with advanced breast cancer has sued her former GP and radiologist for nearly $900,000, alleging they denied her the chance to seek treatment early by negligently failing to pick up her cancer.

Jo-Anne Longland, 60, claims in her Supreme Court lawsuit that the alleged failure of her former GP, Amanda Illingworth, who has practices in Ipswich and Brassall, and radiologist Neelash Ratanjee, from Exact Radiology, to detect her cancer in ultrasounds four years ago caused a significant delay in her diagnosis.

Mrs Longland claims her cancer in her left breast, which is now at stage three, has required significantly more extensive medical treatment and is causing her great pain and suffering.

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She says she is also suffering from chronic fatigue and nausea from chemotherapy, memory loss and depression and anxiety.

She claims her cancer should have been detected four years ago when she had an ultrasound and mammograms of both breasts at Exact Radiology's Ipswich North practice after she reported concerns to Dr Illingworth.

She claims that Dr Illingworth, Exact Radiology and Dr Ratanjee failed to appreciate the severity of the findings of the ultrasound scan she had on February 3, 2016, and failing to appropriately investigate and act upon the findings of this scan by ensuring she received further investigation and medical treatment.

She claims Dr Ratanjee determined in February 2016 after the ultrasound that it was unnecessary for Mrs Longland to undergo any further treatment.

Her cancer was finally diagnosed in November last year after a lymph node biopsy which was recommended by a surgeon she consulted in October for an unrelated medical condition.

She is seeking damages of $887,767 including $134,500 for pain, suffering and loss of amenities of life, $166,400 for past economic loss and $298,392 in future economic loss.

Avant Law, the firm believed to represent Dr Illingworth, did not return calls seeking comment.

Solicitors acting for Exact Radiology and Dr Ratanjee did not respond for requests for comment.

No date has been set for hearing and no defence has been filed to the claims.