Campbell Newman on the campaign trail with Speaker Fiona Simpson.
Campbell Newman on the campaign trail with Speaker Fiona Simpson. Brett Wortman

Campbell Newman: Why Qld should stick with LNP

By Campbell Newman

Queensland Premier

THE world has changed in recent years - with falling demand for resources, less revenue from the Federal Government and greater risks to our national security.

But it is Queensland and Queenslanders that have proven to be the most resilient.

One of the main reasons we've been resilient is because we've had a stable and strong team for the last three years that has worked hard and stuck to a plan that's working.

It's only through the LNP's strong economic decisions that we've been able to turn things around for Queenslanders after years of Labor incompetence.

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I'm proud of the progress our team has made for Queenslanders:

• we're creating over 1,100 new jobs every month
• we're reducing the cost of living
• we're employing more doctors and nurses
• our early years' literacy and numeracy results are the best they've ever been - meaning our kids are better placed to secure jobs of tomorrow
• we're investing in better and safer roads and working hard to tackle traffic congestion
• and finally, in just three years, we've significantly cut break-ins, car theft and robberies.

And only now because we've set the right financial foundations can we truly fund the future that Queenslanders want and need - with better schools and hospitals, improved roads and more nurses, doctors, teachers and police.

What we've learned in this campaign, is that Labor is bereft of ideas, policy and vision for Queensland. We've learned that Labor and the minor parties are doing preference swapping deals that would deliver a hung parliament that would hang Queensland.

That is a recipe for economic chaos and it will hurt Queenslanders. Voting for Labor or the minor parties is a risk to Queensland's bright economic future.

In contrast, we've also learned that the LNP is the only team that has a plan to improve services to Queenslanders, build the infrastructure for a growing state and create 209,000 jobs.

Make no mistake - a future Queensland will be a safer place to live, to run a business and most importantly to raise a family, but only if you just Vote 1 for an LNP Government.