RIDE FOR TOM: Calliope man Tom Dowell was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced prostate cancer at the age of 50.
RIDE FOR TOM: Calliope man Tom Dowell was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced prostate cancer at the age of 50. Matt Taylor GLA140118CANC

Calliope to ride for cancer sufferer today

THE Calliope community will rally on the road today as they gather together to take prostate cancer sufferer Tom Dowell on a motorcycle ride.

Tom, 50, was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced prostate cancer late last year and has slim odds of surviving past his 53rd birthday.

Tom's story first appeared in The Observer on January 15 where he called upon other men around his age to have their prostate checked.

"I didn't have the information, but now that I do I can use it to help others,” Tom said at the time.

Such is Tom's selfless attitude, he wants people to make donations to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation instead of himself.

Today's motorcycle convoy begins at the Calliope Bowls Club at 10am and will travel to Mt Larcom for lunch before heading back to Calliope.

Calliope Central Bowls Club
Calliope Central Bowls Club Ros Waters GLA120418BOWLS

Tom will ride in a trike as he is unable to travel by himself.

The convoy is being organised by Paul Mitchell, who only met Tom last week.

"He used to ride motorbikes around in the 1970s and 80s and when I met to talk to him about it he told me he used to be a bike rider like most of us,” Paul said.

"His plan was to always get back on motorbikes and then (the cancer) happened.

"When he said he couldn't ride one we went looking to track down a trike and contacted Clyde Luck, from Ulysses (Motorcycle Club), who said we could take him for a ride.

"Tom's a nice guy and he does genuinely care about other people - sitting and talking to him you soon pick that up.

"When you listen to him he's happy because there's one definite person that he's helped to encourage to go and get a blood test done - he just hopes others do as well.”

More than 3000 men die of prostate cancer every year in Australia.

The risk increases with age as well as previous family history. Before any need for a rectal examination, it can be detected with a blood test.


WHEN: Today 9.30am for a 10am start

WHERE: Calliope Bowls Club

COST: Free (please donate to Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation).