Group makes more events for local youth

IT was the first major event held by Calliope Youth Club since it formed.

The Paint Party, at the Rodeo grounds on Friday night, was a great success as more than 50 kids turned up for the early 12-17-years session, and even more to the later 18-25-year-old's time slot.

The grounds were awash with colour from spray guns, water bombs and coloured cornstarch goo.

Club president Nathan Fletcher said the night was a collective committee idea; they wanted to give rural kids something to do out there on the weekends.

"The younger guys in the club were onto it," he said.

"There isn't really a whole lot to do here so this gives them a bit of fun."

According to Mr Fletcher, the aim of the game for the younger group was the more colourful the better, with capture the flag and dodge ball being played.

Equipped with a live DJ the second group were more keen to have a bit of a rave. A tarp slide got the kids going too, with 11-year-old Shaylee Smalley unable to contain her excitement.

"This is the best ever. I'm never going to wash these clothes so I can wear them to free dress day and make the other kids jealous," she said.

It wasn't all fun and games though.

"The idea was really to team us oldies up with the younger group to mentor them because we don't want to watch the group fold when we get too old," Mr Fletcher said.

Ideas like this can become a more frequent reality if the club keeps gaining support from the PCYC and Gladstone Regional Council, they said.

"We really want the Youth Club to start hosting late night skate nights so fingers crossed the insurance gets approved," Mr Fletcher said.