UNFAIR: Michele and Peter O’Connor from Daly’s Quality Meats.
UNFAIR: Michele and Peter O’Connor from Daly’s Quality Meats. Luka Kauzlaric

Businesses hit out at frequent flyers filling up car parks

BUSINESS owners based near Gladstone Airport have hit out at frequent flyers who leave cars in their car park, then jet off for days.

Peter O'Connor from Daly's Quality Meats wants Gladstone Regional Council to start towing cars which stay too long in the private car park.

And he's warned that frustration is at boiling point.

"We're constantly full outside the shop, and it goes further, it's the whole business area," Mr O'Connor said.

He warned that last week, one car had been graffitied and tyres had been let down following a long stay at the shopping centre.

While he didn't condone the attack, he said something needed to change.

"The next step is, it may start getting violent," Mr O'Connor said.

"The airport needs to compensate us for our loss - it was their decision to change the status quo, and now they're making money and we're losing out."

>> No plans to introduce paid parking in Gladstone CBD

While long-term car parking at the airport was free until July 2010, prices were increased in February.

The short-term car park charge is $30 per 24 hours, while the long-term car park is $12 for the first 24 hours, and increases every day.

Parking for a week would cost $100.

Mr O'Connor said the council, which owned the airport, should move the long-stay cars.

But Mayor Gail Sellers said it wasn't council's responsibility.

"There are a range of options. However, it's important that adequate signage is provided... (and) placing information flyers under the windscreen wiper of vehicles contravening these conditions is one example," she said.

Gladstone Airport Corporation CEO Phillip Cash said that, even back in 2010, there had already been "quite an issue at that time with airport users parking in the residential streets surrounding the airport".

Mr Cash said car park numbers were still growing following the February price hike, and he wouldn't reveal any plans to continue increasing fees.