A BID to trim the number of councillors on the Gladstone Regional Council has the backing of the city's most avid council-watcher.

Tex Newberry has been going to the council chambers for 25 years and he'd be happy to see less faces sitting around the table.

Mr Newberry is backing calls from Mayor Gail Sellers, who last week revealed to The Observer that she would like to see the number of councillors reduced from nine to seven.

The 80-year-old, who has probably sat in more meetings than anyone, said the cut should even go deeper.

"It should go to three or even just the administrators," Mr Newberry said.

"They don't make a decision and three good ones would get stuff done.''

He has attended most council meetings over the 25 years, turning up twice a month to see them deliberate - except for a small period when meetings changed to a Wednesday, getting in the way of his golf outings.

"Councillors all go in there with their own vested interest and unless they have an interest in a decision they don't put much thought into it."

"I would ban business owners' membership of the council," he said.

"There are too many vested interests."

One recent decision that particularly perplexed him was when the council stripped 75% of a motel owner's water bill.

"A Second World War digger across the road from me had the same problem with a waterline bursting on his land and he said 'fair enough, it's on my land, I have to pay it'," he said.

"So you've got one using the property to make money getting a 75% reduction and a Second World War digger paying full price. Where's the common sense there?

"I'm yet to be surprised by their decisions and I'm often extremely disappointed with them."

Mayor Sellers said Mr Newberry was very opinionated.

"He follows all of the decisions we make and you can tell by his body language whether he agrees or not," she said.

"When he is not there, we joke with him 'where is your apology?''

Mr Newberry said he didn't miss too many meetings.

"Last term I had a better attendance than some of the councillors," he said.

Should the number of Gladstone councillors be reduced to seven?

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