SOAP BOX: Call me crazy but aye be a piracy supporter ...

CALL me crazy but aye be a piracy supporter... within reason.

I don't have an issue with wanting to see the latest Game of Thrones episode as the rest of the world does. If somewhere in the world has been given a show for free, I don't have an issue with others wanting to see it, too.

Sure, there's an argument that streaming services like Netflix and Stan are going to change things and bring death to the piracy justification, but that's rubbish.

Those who have actually used Netflix (the US version) will know that a lot of the shows are old episodes and old seasons.

Sure, Netflix is a couch potato's dream and it's great for a large hit of mindless TV and film but it's useless when you want the latest episode of something.

Why would I want to pay to watch season two of something when other people are raving on Facebook about season 10?

Until we have some sort of global TV service which offers the same programming around the world, piracy is here to stay no matter how many times the pirates are threatened with legal action.

Like Uber, which is in strife with the taxi industry (a soapbox for another time perhaps), pirates are providing the service people want.

That's been proven by the number of people still downloading despite scary campaigns and threats.

Spotify helped reduce music piracy because it provided a better, easier and safer alternative.

Netflix's problem is that it is '"give and take". You may see a show you want to watch later on... but when you're actually ready you find it's vanished.

Give me convenience or give me the plank.