Electoral comission rejects request for recount

THE election is officially past the threat of a recount dismissed by the electoral commission and the results declared.

It's a relief for Kahn Goodluck who for the past week has been sitting in eighth spot, a handful of votes ahead of Alex Staines until the count showed Mr Goodluck ahead by 72 votes.

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After telling The Observer late Wednesday afternoon he was yet to decide whether or not to ask for a recount, Mr Staines lodged a formal request with the electoral commission later that evening.

Mr Staines said given Gladstone was one of five council areas where new counting systems were trialled, the electoral commission should conduct a manual vote to "give the community confidence" the system was accurate.

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But the commissioner stood by earlier statements that the new technology was accurate, there was no need to doubt the results and there would be no recount in Gladstone.

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The eight new councillors are; Chris Trevor, Cindi Bush, Rick Hansen, PJ Sobhanian, Glenn Churchill, Desley O'Grady, Peter Masters and Kahn Goodluck - who will be sworn in at the first meeting on Tuesday.