Caleb Wilson during the Gladstone Athletics Pentathalon.
Caleb Wilson during the Gladstone Athletics Pentathalon. Luka Kauzlaric

Caleb likes the winning feeling at athletics pentathlon

BREATHING hard and slightly red-faced, Caleb Wilson sipped on his drink bottle after his 100m race, a winner.

Doing enough to separate himself from his opponents by just a couple of metres, the nine-year-old was excited to win one step of the five included in the Gladstone Pentathlon held on Sunday.

The event is a good one for Caleb, getting to compete a few weeks out from the state championships to be held in Cairns.

Qualifying for both high jump and discus, Caleb was happy with his regional carnival in Bundaberg in February.

"Good, I came first in high jump and fourth in discus," he said.

Now off to Cairns in three weeks for the Queensland wide event, Caleb will actually be stepping onto a plane for the first time in his life.

Unsure of how he will perform, Caleb is just keen to get there and give his two events a go.

"I have been training hard," he said. "High jump is my favourite because it is a challenge to not knock off the bar."

Looking for a personal best above any other result when he does hit the road with mum, dad and his brother, Caleb is unsure of what he wants to try to achieve after Cairns.

Having been in athletics for three years, there is a long way to go before a decision has to be made between sports, playing hockey as well.