Keith and Clare Mackay love fishing.
Keith and Clare Mackay love fishing. CAMPBELL GELLIE

Fishing tales: Murray cod put up a good fight

WE catch up with a local fisher to find out all their tips and tricks.

Name: Clare Mackay.

How have you been going? We've been here for three quarters of an hour. We haven't caught anything but we have had a few bites.

What type of fishing do you like to do? I'm a fresh water fisherperson and really love catching Murray cod.

We love going to Forbes but it is too cold now. We get to Forbes on the first of December for the season and fish for the three months.

We have come up here to see our son and go out on his boat if he is a good boy.

How long have you been fishing? I grew up in a fishing family and love the outdoors.

Keith wasn't too keen on fishing but I got him to love it and now he would fish everyday if I let him.

What's the best fish you have ever caught? A 56cm Murray cod I caught in April in Forbes on the Lachlan River.

Also, a few little bream when our son took us out on his boat for a great weekend and we caught some threadfin.

What advice do you have for other fishers? Murray cod are the best fish. They have so much fight.

We fish with cubed cheese. Bega cheese to be particular, they can be very fussy.

They really pull and give you what for in between the snags.

When you have got onto a cod you really know. We've had some great time fishing for them.