Gladstone MP Glenn Butcher
Gladstone MP Glenn Butcher Mike Richards

New MP gets keys to office as seat is declared

IT'S the office upgrade any budding bureaucrat would die for - Gladstone's new MP, Glenn Butcher, is moving from his car to a prime spot on Phillip St.

Today he will stop working from home, as he moves into the parliamentary office as the Member of Parliament for Gladstone.

The Australian Labor candidate celebrated officially winning the seat on Tuesday after receiving a call from the electoral commission, ending a long wait, and receiving the keys to his new office.

Mr Butcher said for the past week he had been working from his car, home and from his mobile phone.

"It's been pretty hectic trying to co-ordinate everything," he said.

Ordinarily, he said, seats with primary votes of close to 60% were declared quickly. But not this election.

"It's taken a while to have the seat declared."

And so after a few drinks with key people involved in his campaign last night, today he is getting ready for office.

"The next part is forming government, (sitting in) Opposition or staying in this limbo," he said.

"I'm pretty confident Annastacia (Palaszczuk) will catch up with the Governor (today) to make government."

If the Labor Party is able to form government, Mr Butcher said, he still would not know the full extent of his new role until caucus met.

However, he confirmed he had already expressed interest in two portfolios - development and infrastructure, and health and community services.

"I have put my indications forward for those and to be on those committees. I will just have to wait and see."