Gladstone Volunteer Marine Rescue, Gladstone 1 VMR.
Gladstone Volunteer Marine Rescue, Gladstone 1 VMR.

Busy weekend of callouts for VMR Gladstone

IT WAS a busy weekend for VMR Gladstone with 14 people using its service.

Last Friday night a medical evacuation took place from Farmers Reef with one patient and one companion transfer to the marina before being transported to Gladstone Hospital for treatment.

Saturday afternoon saw the VMR Gladstone crew called out to Seal Rocks to a broken- down boat with two people on board.

The boat was towed into Colosseum Inlet.

Another call-out involved a small boat that broke down at Tide Island in Gladstone Harbour and was subsequently towed to the marina.

On Sunday a boat at Keppel Creek had engine failure and was towed back to the marina with three people on board.

Peter Cameron said the callouts were a timely reminder for boaties who aren’t regulars out on the water.

“One of the issues we find is people don’t use their boats for three to four months and then just get in, turn the key and then off they go thinking it’s going to be right,” Mr Cameron said.

“They don’t use fresh fuel, they don’t check batteries, they don’t make sure their flares or EPIRB is in date — all this type of stuff I’d like to think is just common sense.

“General fishing people in Gladstone … the people who are at need when things happen, aren’t experienced in adverse conditions because conditions are so good up here.

“When things go sour they go sour quickly so we have to be on the ball.”

The call sign for VMR Gladstone is VHF channel 82.