Busting to know what comes after the real estate boom

THE rental housing boom is over. Or so it seems.

However, it's likely that rentals won't come back to levels seen before the construction boom any time soon.

Rents are tracking considerably lower than at this time last year, when they looked as though they would head through the roof.

And this makes life much easier for many .

Given the level of housing construction activity in our region the question has to be asked, will there be a massive glut of houses and apartments in the near future?

When one looks at the volume of construction cranes around the city of Gladstone, building of high rise apartment blocks seems to be going on ad infinitum.

As the industry construction workforce moves on to the next big thing it is likely our city will be left with a huge number of empty properties.

Let's hope the correct market research has been done and  we will not be left in a dilemma that can't be controlled.