Justin Wells was filmed leaping out of his car and threatening to kill a cyclist who challenged him on the road
Justin Wells was filmed leaping out of his car and threatening to kill a cyclist who challenged him on the road INM

Busted motorists blame cyclists for 'goading' them

MOTORISTS are being "goaded" into behaving inappropriately by cyclists who film the altercations and upload the footage onto YouTube, it has been claimed.

Ian Taylor of the Association of British Drivers told the Huffington Post he believes there are some cyclists who display a level of "self-righteousness," which he claims can be seen in videos recorded on head cameras in which motorists are "goaded" from the roadside.

Taylor said he was "not pretending all motorists are angels" and added that road rage - no matter who the perpetrator - is "never a good idea," but said there has been an increase in drivers attaching their own cameras to dashboards as a result of the trend.

In June this year Jason Wells was caught on camera leaping from his car and threatening to kill a cyclist during an aggressive and foul-mouthed tirade. In the footage, the cyclist is also heard shouting back at Wells during his rant however, asking why the driver is not attacking him.

Wells has since apologised for his behaviour, which he called "unacceptable".

Sean Corker at the Association of British Drivers told The Independent he believes cyclists are "very savvy" and claimed "they have realised an angry reaction from a driver is more valuable than simply reporting the incident to the police".

"The aggravation and resentment hat these confrontations cause in the long run are extremely detrimental to road safety," he added.

Over the past 18 months cyclists have begun uploading incidents of altercations on the road onto YouTube to call out reckless behaviour by motorists, while the footage has become useful to police, too.

Last week Tower Hamlets police released a video of a man attacking a female cyclist in Whitechapel in a bid to identify the perpetrator. He is seen knocking a woman on a bike to the floor while shouting "You wanna put your finger up at me? You f*cking mug?". The man turned himself in after the footage was released.

Paul Kitson at the CTC, the national cycling charity and a solicitor at Slater and Gordon, said this is "not an isolated incident".

"In my experience as a cycle injury lawyer I have come across examples of cyclists being deliberately pushed off their bikes by passengers from passing cars, motorist attempting to push a cyclist onto oncoming traffic and even using their vehicle as a weapon."