Businesses must be urged to settle here to avoid bust

WHEN one door closes, another often opens.

Such we would like to be the case in Gladstone.

And leading the march is the new Southern Oil re-refinery which is due to start operating early next year.

When it's up and running the refinery will employ about 40 people, plus contractors and others servicing the business.

To counter the bust which is likely to occur with the wind-down of construction on the Curtis Island gas projects in the near future, businesses such as Southern Oil are to be encouraged to come and settle here.

We have the workforce, we have the space - we just need the entrepreneurs to come up with alternatives, and the bust won't hurt us anywhere near as much.

This city has a massive number of people who are highly skilled, and the businesses they work for are cutting edge.

There just needs to be some assurance that they can continue to operate once the major jobs come to an end and commissioning gets underway.