Businesses divided on Miriam Vale town centre makeover

MIRIAM Vale is not a town divided, but opinions certainly vary on the proposed redevelopment of the town centre.

Several business owners contacted The Observer to express their dismay at criticism of the proposed changes for Blomfield St and parklands.

Gladstone Regional Council was accused of lack of consultation on the beautification project, but that too has been disputed.

A delegation of business owners in the town met with the council on a number of occasions and said they were listened to.

"Maybe it could have been handled a bit better, but they (GRC) did listen to concerns about an initial proposal and came back with an amended draft that we are happy with,'' a business owner, who did not wish to be named, told The Observer.

"We know some people are not happy and there is this misconception that it is a waste of money. But we need to do something; the place is looking tired.''

Mayor Gail Sellars said: "Detailed design work will not proceed until or unless the scope of work can be agreed.

"Council has limited funds and many competing priorities so our efforts are best directed where there is support for the proposed work.''