Jacob, Edda 47 owner Fulvio and Brigitte, April 2 2020
Jacob, Edda 47 owner Fulvio and Brigitte, April 2 2020

Business owner sells discounted pizzas to help workers

A PIZZA business owner is doing everything he can to keep his staff and to help Gladstone residents who are struggling financially due to coronavirus.

Edda 47 owner Fulvio Oddone wanted to do something that would keep his employees working as well as give back to the community.

He decided to take $5 off every pizza to help those who might have lost their jobs after businesses were forced to close.

“With all these new rules I noticed many people had to shut down their businseeses or to lay off employees,” Mr Oddone said.

“I’m trying to do as much as I can to help out the Gladstone community, and show them the kindness they showed me in the last six months.”

Mr Oddone said the $5 discount would also help his two employees, Jacob and Brigitte, maintain their shift hours.

“I’m trying to maintain my employees and make sure i’ve got enough work for them and they have a secure job.”

Jacob, who has been working at Edda 47 for six months, said that Mr Oddone was always looking out for customers and staff.

“We have taken a bit of a hit in all honesty with everything but we’re trying to keep positive and keep business booming,” Jacob said.

“(Fulvio) gets his heartstrings tugged on quite a bit, he always is looking to help out wherever he can and he sees Gladstone as a community that he’s now apart of.

“He really wants to help out.”

The $5 discount will end April 6.