Bushland near Kirkwood.
Bushland near Kirkwood.

Kirkwood residents tormented by crimes in bushland

NEIGHBOURS say a stolen Holden Commodore that thrashed through four wheel driving tracks on Saturday and was then set on fire in Kirkwood bushland is just one example of the torment they go through regularly.

The council-owned bushland in Kirkwood and the fire trails throughout it have become a hotspot for four wheel driving, motocross and anyone trying to hide. 

There were fires in November, believed to be deliberately lit.

There's also the constant droning of motorbikes at early hours of the morning and signs of ongoing drug use.

One neighbour said the red Holden commodore was battling up a steep gravel hill in first gear and the motor was making a banging sound.

"Not long after that you could see smoke coming from over the hills," the neighbour said.

The neighbour said that was not the worst they had had in the past three years.

"We have seen someone smoking crystal meth in their car," the neighbour said.

Police were told about the fire at 8.10am and Queensland Fire and Rescue service put it out before 9am.

Investigations are ongoing.