A large fire that has been burning on Fraser Island for more than a month continues to burn, but the intensity of the blaze has lowered.

The fire has been burning since October 14 and was allegedly started by an illegal campfire, according to the Department of Environment and Science.

An emergency declaration was made by police on Saturday after forcing 10 camping zones on the island to evacuate , and was revoked on Sunday.

Water bombers have been on-site for several days containing the blaze from above.


Waterbombing has been carried out to contain a bushfire on Fraser Island.
Waterbombing has been carried out to contain a bushfire on Fraser Island.


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Regional Director Mick Cubis said the blaze continued to burn.

"The fire is still burning at a lowered intensity under the influence of easterly winds on K'gari this morning," he said.

"Water bombing was undertaken yesterday to slow the progress of the fire and allow for the ongoing preparation for fire lines in readiness for backburning."

He said Queensland Parks and Wildlife service, QFES and Butchulla land and sea rangers would continue to assess the situation today, with plans to begin backburning off Moonpoint Road this afternoon.

"The backburning will be supported by aerial water bombing to ensure against spot overs and should result in strong containment lines for when the wind swings back from the north early next week."

Originally published as Bushfire started by illegal Fraser Island campfire still burning