RESIDENTS along Glenlyon Rd will not have been able to see other cars on the road through the thick black smoke that blanketed their street and homes on Saturday afternoon.

The angry orange blaze of burning rubber behind Star of the Sea School was unmistakeable.

A number of fire emergency crews and police were called to a blaze of tractor tyres, around 4.15pm. A pile of tyres - thought to have been deliberately lit - was ablaze and had been left to burn.

Traffic was diverted as the conditions made it unsafe to drive, it took crews over half an hour to put it out. Bree Jordan, who lives nearby, was standing on her balcony when she saw the flames. "The smoke just came out of nowhere," she said.

She said she didn't hesitate to make a call to triple zero.

"There was just so much black smoke."

Police are still investigating and have urged any local residents with information to come forward.


Tyres consist of rubber compound, reinforced with steel and textile. If toxins from a tyre fire are inhaled can make a person sick or irritated.

Call fire emergency services. Let the professionals do their jobs, they have the right protect gear to equip them for fighting fight.

Stay indoors. Toxins can carry with the wind so try to keep all of your windows closed until it has been put out.

Source: Queensland Government website.