Burglar moved items around in baby's room

ITEMS in a baby's room were moved around after a house in Eden St, South Gladstone was broken into this week.

Gladstone police report offender/s broke into the home through the back window above a toilet.

They cut a small section of the security screen, then pushed the security screen out of the window and slid the glass open.


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Once inside, the offender/s moved the couch and dining room table out from the wall.

They then went upstairs and into both bedrooms.

In the first, a baby's room, a number of items were moved around.

In the second bedroom, the offender/s opened the cupboard doors and went through the victim's belongings.

A mattress was moved away from the wall and left in the middle of the room.

A wedding ring was stolen from the property.

Gladstone police are investigating.