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'Mayor' Burnett flags immediate changes to airport

COUNCIL is set for a shake up as soon as the new members are officially sworn in.

New mayor Matt Burnett plans to make some immediate, drastic changes -- starting with the running of the airport and making sure regional areas aren't left out of council business.

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Mr Burnett wasn't prepared to reveal all of his intentions regarding the airport, but made it clear he would be working with the airport board, advocating for changes to management.

If he gets his way, council meetings won't exclusively be held in Gladstone either giving regional communities a chance to see the council in action and talk to the councillors face-to-face.

WATCH: Burnett declares victory 

Matt Burnett has declared victory:
Matt Burnett has declared victory:

Of course, his plans require the support of fellow councillors, whoever they may be. He's hoping that won't be an issue.

"I will be encouraging the councillors to support me in taking the meetings out into the community,' Mr Burnett said.

"It won't be every month, but I am hoping at least two or three times a year we can hold our meetings in towns like Mount Larcom, or Rosedale."

He said it wasn't a new suggestion, but in the past technology had limited the council's ability to host meetings away from the Goondoon St Chamber.

However since the council meetings now rely on a new, mobile IPad system, the sessions can be held anywhere there is a stable internet connection and a projector.

Unfortunately at the moment that counts the Boyne Valley out.