Maree, granddaughter Sophie and snake bite victim Chris Harrison.
Maree, granddaughter Sophie and snake bite victim Chris Harrison. Emma Reid

Bundy grandpa once (snake) bitten, twice shy

SNAKE bites are up in the Wide Bay region and local grandfather Chris Harrison knows all about it.

The Queensland Ambulance Service has released its latest callout figures for the Wide Bay region and interestingly they show snake bites have risen by nearly 25 per cent during the past financial year.

Across Queensland snake bite numbers were well down on previous years.

Of Wide Bay's 63 snake bites recorded by the QAS, Mr Harrison was the victim twice.

He was first bitten by a yellow-faced whip snake in November 2017 and then by a brown snake in May.

On the latest occasion, Mr Harrison was gardening with his young granddaughter Sophie when he noticed the brown snake. He instinctively moved to protect his granddaughter, but was bitten by the snake in the process. Mr Harrison instantly felt the effects of the bite.

"The bite was a sharp pain and like I was stabbed by a needle," he told the NewsMail at the time.

Mr Harrison said the symptoms of the venom hit quickly after he put his feet up and called the ambulance service for help.

"I vomited and that got me concerned," he said.

"I phoned the ambulance and they said not to raise my feet, which I didn't know."

Mr Harrison was treated by paramedics before being transported to hospital.

The Bundaberg grandfather was shocked he had been bitten twice in six months.

"The first time I was bitten by a snake was last November and it was a yellow-faced whip snake."

"I never thought it'd happen again," he said.

A QAS spokesperson advised bitten persons should call triple zero.

Ambos at work

Total number of Code 1 and 2 incidents for the Wide Bay region in the past 12 months: 44,210 (up 2345 or 5.6%)

Code 1 and 2 chest pain incidents: 4476 (up 303 or 7.26%)

Code 1 and 2 psychiatric and abnormal behaviour incidents: 1731 (up 249 or 16.8%)

Code 1 and 2 fall incidents: 4698 (up 331 or 7.58%)

Code 1 and 2 traffic and transportation incidents: 1006 (down 32 or 3.08%)

Code 1 and 2 snake bite incidents: 63 (up 12 or 23.53%)

Code 1 and 2 drowning and near-drowning incidents: 30 (up 7 or 30.43%)

Code 1 and 2 child birth incidents: 219 (down 25 or 10.25%)

Source: QAS