Adam Elliott was one of the Bulldogs players who got his gear off. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Adam Elliott was one of the Bulldogs players who got his gear off. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

‘Humiliating’ Mad Monday antics

THE NRL's Mad Monday antics have hit a new low after Bulldogs players stripped down yesterday afternoon and danced naked in full view of the public as they boozed at a bar in The Rocks.

Photographers from The Daily Telegraph captured second rower Adam Elliott getting his gear off and a teammate grabbing his genitals. Another was pictured vomiting heavily in the street and laying on the ground.

You can see all the exclusive images at The Daily Telegraph website.

It's reignited the debate about what's acceptable during end of season celebrations and an unwelcome distraction for the league as it prepares to launch its finals series on Friday night.

Channel 7 and Nine ran the images on the morning programs on Tuesday and discussed whether it needed to stop.

"A lot of people having their say about the whole Bulldogs nudity," Nine sports presenter Tim Gilbert said. "I just want to say one thing. I'm not justifying anyone's behaviour, but I have been drunk, I have performed poorly, I've woken up the next day humiliated by my own behaviour.

"I get more offended … when you're committing a crime when you're humiliating others. Are these guys just humiliating themselves?"

"I don't think you need to see it on the front page of paper," Today host Karl Stefanovic said. "It's not - as you said Timmy, we've all done things that are not perfect. But to see it on the front page of a paper is not perfect for the sport and for the code. I don't think it's a sackable offence. I don't think - I don't know whether it's a fine. But it's just, you know, one of those things."


Today host Georgie Gardiner said it didn't help "any parents who want to encourage their children to play sport".

"A lot of young kids see these NRL players in the elite levels as their heroes. That's a hard one to explain," she said.

Seven sports reporter Mark Beretta said it wasn't a new problem for Canterbury.

"It happens every year but it is a shame the club did not take more control of it and do something to protect those players," he told Sunrise. "They could've kept them out of the public eye out of harm's way. The damage is to the brands, to the NRL and the Bulldogs.

"Unfortunately the Bulldogs are commonly linked to this sort of thing. The NRL don't like it and neither do the sponsors. This club runs on money from sponsors, their main sponsors, this is not the image they want."

Canterbury wrapped a disappointing season which saw them finish 12th on the ladder with an 8-16 record with a 30-18 defeat against Cronulla on Sunday.

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