Coastal Homes Gladstone director Craig Price.
Coastal Homes Gladstone director Craig Price.

'Very positive': Bookings filling up for Gladstone builders

GLADSTONE builders are reporting increased confidence and positivity in the local industry as a boost in regional projects attracts new residents to town.

CCF Homes owner Craig Christensen said he believed 2020 was going to be "very positive".

"There's a lot of people with money out there earning better dollars than they would anywhere in the state or in Australia," he said.

He said the clients making an impact on the current market were those looking to stay in the region long-term because "they can see it's a positive place for growth".

Mr Christensen, who is currently booked up to eight months in advance, said business had been "quite shallow" during 2018.

He said he had been working to a four-month wait list during that time, and many tradespeople had left town seeking work.

He believes plumbers, electricians and plasterers would be able to start returning to the area.

"In the up-market homes market there'll be work, but maybe not in the smaller homes," he said.

Gladstone, he said, was attracting newcomers because of its relaxed lifestyle, proximity to the reef and slower pace of living.

Tenheggeler Homes office manager and sales and marketing manager Greta Tenheggeler said she had seen an increase in residents wanting to design their own homes, instead of buying an established home.

"More people are realising they want to build new," she said.

"Compared to last year, this year is so busy."

She said Tenheggeler Homes had contracts for 12 home builds and a commercial contract.

"This is the busiest we've been in five years - it's really good," Ms Tenheggeler said.

She said their electrician was currently working seven days a week.

"He's run off his feet he's so busy.

"And it's going to double over the year - by mid-2020 everyone will be so busy," she said.

She said a combination of new projects in the region and affordable land prices were attracting new residents to the region.

Coastal Homes owner Craig Price said it was early in the year to forecast the next 12 months, however he was also hoping 2020 would be better than last year.

"We've noticed a little bit of interest since we've come back this year and if this is a trend then it would be promising for the rest of the year, but it's early days yet," Mr Price said.

"Gladstone has always been a good region to build in and the pricing at the moment won't be any lower," he said.

"As time goes on and as interest comes into the town, land prices will rise and land will be coming into short supply."