Budget: What you get for $100 of rates money

GLADSTONE Regional Council has released a snapshot of what services ratepayers get for every $100 of their rates.

The council has released its 2015-16 budget this morning.

According to the snapshot, the most amount of funding goes to water and sewerage infrastructure and maintenance, followed by roads.


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Running the council (customer service, administration) takes up a fair chunk of funds, followed by providing parks and playgrounds.

The councils says that for every $100 of rates, council delivers a range of services:

  • $24.92: Roads, construction, maintenance, engineering, drainage, bridges and footpaths.
  • $3.69: Arts, culture and libraries.
  • $11.01: Parks, playgrounds and open space.
  • $3.16: Planning, development assessment, regulatory services, environment, compliance and land use.
  • $6.26: Wheelie bin collections and management of waste facilities.
  • $4.93: Community wellbeing, sport and recreation, and aquatic facilities.
  • $25.73: Water and sewerage infrastructure, maintenance and operations.
  • $5.25: Property, fleet and facility management.
  • $15.05: Customer service, administration, human resources, IT and safety.