BRUCE HWY TERROR: SUV captured veering off highway

A HYUNDAI SUV has been caught on camera travelling at high speed then veering off the Bruce Highway.

The footage was made public on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page this afternoon.

The driver who took the footage has described how he saw a car speeding up behind him as he drove in the right-hand lane.

The Hyundai SUV can be seen approaching from behind.

The Hyundai Santa Fe can be seen in the distance approaching from behind, before passing then swearing across teh road.

The footage captures the car coming to a stop just south of the Caboolture exit on the Bruce Highway.

Queensland Police have confirmed they are aware of the incident, which occurred south of the Bribie Island interchange just after 7am on Monday.

Police believe the driver involved may have suffered from "a medical incident" before the crash.

The man who captured the footage wrote the driver of the SUV was "pretty shaken up" after it came to a stop.

"He did not attempt to exit the car," he wrote on Facebook.

"If he had made it another 2-3km up the road where the traffic congestion worsens, this could have been much worse.

"From what I could see noone was injured.

"A fire and rescue vehicle appeared on the scene seconds after I pulled up (along with a hoard of other people)."