TRIBUTE: Finch Hatton man Denis Holt, who was killed in a two-vehicle crash west of Toowoomba on September 5.
TRIBUTE: Finch Hatton man Denis Holt, who was killed in a two-vehicle crash west of Toowoomba on September 5.

Brother's touching tribute to 'best mate' who died in crash

FINCH Hatton man Denis Holt was killed in a two-vehicle crash west of Toowoomba on September 5.

The 70-year-old died in the collision with a semi-trailer, about 40km east of Charleville, which closed the highway for about two hours.

Trevor Holt this week penned a tribute to his brother, and best mate, Denis.

My Tribute to Denis - My Brother

13.08.1947 to 05.09.2017

Denis was the first born of six children to Frank and Thelma Holt of Gargett. As the family grew, the family house was too small and Denis and I, from a young age, lived with Nana Brown (mum's mother) until our very late teens. Nana's house was close to the family home. Denis early on often struggled with a severe stutter, but in later life managed to greatly overcome this.

Denis started his working life as an apprentice baker and then a qualified baker. After this he had a varied working life. For a few years he travelled to Berri in South Australia to work in the cannery there. He hand cut sugar cane for a couple of years. He worked on cane farms for Blanche Bradshaw and Beryl and Plugger Rogers and on Plugger's cattle station at Kenlogan. He was a railway fettler (navvie) at Gargett depot. He later scored a job at Cattle Creek Mill and became Cane Railway / Tramline Forman / Supervisor. When Cattle Creek Mill closed in 1990 after Mackay Sugar was formed, he transferred to Marian Mill in the same role. The last few years of his working life were as Track Inspector based at Marian.

In his first marriage Denis had two daughters, Lana and Stacey, and in later life he became a grandfather and great grandfather. After his marriage break-up, he went through some difficult times. Eventually he met up with Juele and they became life partners and best friend to each other. Juele had two sons, Adrian and Brent, from her first marriage. Some people had their doubts about Denis and Juele's relationship but as history is proved, they were a great match, totally devoted to each other.

Denis retired early and he and Juele travelled the country extensively in their trusty caravan, which they had just recently upgraded for more creature comforts. On their block Denis originally built a log cabin on the bank of the creek running through the patch of rain forest of their little paradise. In later years he single-handedly built the house / carport etc in which they were currently living - one of the many things I was proud of him for.

In our early days, Denis and I were rather wild. I never knew of Denis to start a fight, but I never knew of him to walk away from one.

Denis enjoyed a cold beer on a hot day (in fact Denis and I spilt more beer than most people have drank when we were younger). He liked a punt on the ponies and had a keen interest in boxing. (He and I watched the Jeff Horn fight together). Years ago, when I was playing golf, I talked Denis in to having a go one day. It was a one off, I don't think golf was his game.

Juele and Denis were very private people and basically just enjoyed each other's company, and as mentioned before were best friends, which is a great thing to have in a relationship.

Finally brother, I will never forget you and the memories you have left behind. It is an honour to have been your brother and you truly were the ultimate quiet achiever.


We witness or read about road trauma every day on the news or newspapers. When an incident affects your family or friends, it really hits home and the effects after can / will / or maybe affect the people left behind for a lifetime...

So please drive carefully on the roads for everyone's benefit, to prevent tragedies.

Trevor Holt