DELIVER: Tyler Allen shoots a triple against Phoenix.
DELIVER: Tyler Allen shoots a triple against Phoenix. Paul Braven GLA140517BBALL

Brothers shooting a Saturday showdown

BASKETBALL: Saturday night's men's match between McDonalds Gladstone Port City Power and South West Metro Pirates will hold a special significance for two players.

The Power's three-point specialist Tyler Allen and former Port City Power forward Jake Allen will go head-to-head as both clubs enter Saturday night's match with two wins each.

Jake's girlfriend Maddy Willey, who played for the Power in the previous few seasons, also plays for the Pirates' women's team.

Tyler said there is plenty on the line in the Power's home match.

The brothers have not shared in any pre-game banter. Yet.

"Jake and I haven't really talked about it too much because we both know what's at stake this weekend,” Tyler said.

As kids, the pair took each other on in the back yard and under the guidance of their dad, they both have excelled in the semi-professional QBL competition.

"Jake and I have been playing one-on-one on outdoor courts for years since we started playing,” Tyler said.

Jake has been a more than useful contributor for the Pirates where he is currently averaging 12.25ppg.

The two play different styles and Tyler said his older brother does not mind to work his way inside the key any way he can! "Jake is aggressive and gets to the basket well,” Tyler said. "(He) doesn't mind throwing a cheeky elbow while I am a bit more of a passer trying to get it to team-mates and more of a shooter.”

Tyler was at his best when he shot 16 points that included four triples from six attempts in the Power's round three win against Sunshine Coast Pheonix.

He admits his form has been up and down, but there were good signs last weekend in the 86-76 triumph against Gold Coast Rollers.

"I wouldn't say I'm pleased with my form,” Tyler said.

"I've shown spurts but I need to be more consistent in a few areas of my game.”