Luke Graham's film Broke will premiere early next year. The movie was filmed in Gladstone.
Luke Graham's film Broke will premiere early next year. The movie was filmed in Gladstone. Luka Kauzlaric

Broke is just the beginning for local film producer Luke

MOVIE producer Luke Graham is still finalising plans for the premiere of his first film, Broke, but already he has his sights on his next big project.

He has worked on Broke since mid-2012, a film that delves into how gambling can destroy people's lives.

The film's lead character, B.K Kelly was based on Graham's father, professional rugby league player Mark Graham.

"My father is a strict Catholic so we've had to Hollywood the character up.

"In a sense of a successful rugby league player, that's where my father's influence comes in."

The film follows the rugby league player's journey through overcoming his gambling addiction.

Footage of his father playing football from the 80s is used in the film, as well as his footy jersey. "I've been part of the project for so long that it's a day job. Until other people get to experience it and I can show friends and family, that's when it's going to be something really special," he said.

A red carpet premiere event will be held to let Gladstone residents see the feature film, Broke, which was shot in Gladstone.

Gladstone producer Luke Graham worked with director Heath Davis to create the movie last year. Graham has booked all six cinemas out for the premiere, due to be held in February, room for 600 people.

The actors and crew will return to Gladstone for the red carpet event, including Max Cullen, Claire Van Der Boom and Steve Le Marquand.

After the Gladstone premiere, the film will be taken to major cities in Australia and to North America and the UK.

Tickets will be available when the date is released.

From one social issue to the next, Graham's next film will delve into suicide in sportspeople. "It's another issue with society that we're a bit iffy with. I'm hoping we can do something good out of this," he said.

At this stage, he is developing the script by talking to locals to determine the right angle to take for the film.