You’ll have a cool yule — unless you live here


QUEENSLAND'S Christmas Day forecasters are promising a perfect summer's day.

Brisbane's Christmas temperatures are predicted to range between 18C and 29C, with a 0 per cent chance of rain.

Light winds throughout the day and some clouds should keep families cool in the capital.

On the Gold Coast, temperatures should range between 17C and 27C with no rain, while the Sunshine Coast can expect similar temperatures, 18C and 27C, with a partly cloudy sky and no chance of rain.

In the far north, Townsville's stormy weather leading up to Christmas is expected to dissipate by the big day.

The Bureau of Meteorology said light showers were somewhat likely at 40 per cent but should keep temperatures tolerable between 23C and 31C.

Cairns is likely to get wet, with a 95 per cent chance of rain and potential for thunderstorms and rainfall between 30mm-70mm. Temperatures should range between 24C and 30C.

Toowoomba and the Darling Downs will sit between 13C and 28C with no chance of rain.

Way out west, 30km east of the NT border, the 40 people who call Urandangi home can expect to experience Queensland's hottest Christmas at 42C.

A weather bureau spokesman said that figure may actually reach as high as 43C.

Locals, like John Tweedie at the town's lone pub The Dangi, aren't worried.

"That's nothing at all," Mr Tweedie said.

"It's at least 42C now inside the pub."

Mercifully, the heatwave which swept through the northwest and Channel Country last week, raising temperatures in the town to as high as 45.5C, will not continue through to Christmas.

It has in the past - as Mr Tweedie recounts, Christmas topped out at 50C a few years ago.


The pub at Urandangi, which will swelter in temperatures up to 43C
The pub at Urandangi, which will swelter in temperatures up to 43C