GALAH OCCASION: Supporters took paper cockatoos to the demo and said
GALAH OCCASION: Supporters took paper cockatoos to the demo and said "Bring them home to Bilo”. INSET: The detained children. Matthew Melvin

Brisbane residents march for Biloela's asylum seeker family

SUPPORTERS of Biloela's asylum seeker family are not giving up on bringing them back home.

Dozens of Brisbane residents protested outside Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton's electorate office over the weekend - waving photos of them and paper cockatoos.

Marie Austin, Margot Plant and Vashini Nirojan, supporters of Priya, Nades and their Queensland-born daughters said they would not give up on the Biloela family.

They helped pay for a 3m-high billboard 500m from Mr Dutton's Strathpine electorate office.

"Biloela is a town of less than 6000, yet our petition calling for this family's return has been signed by 120,000 people," Ms Austin said.

"We've made phone calls and written letters. We've held vigils and protests. We even hand-delivered our petition.

"And what has he done? Nothing."

In May, Liberal senator and former Operation Sovereign Borders special envoy Jim Molan promised to take up the case with Mr Dutton after facing questions from Ms Austin and Ms Plant on the ABC's Q&A program.

Ms Plant said it was time to bring the children back home to Biloela.

"Mr Dutton freed the au pairs from detention as a humanitarian act," Mrs Plant said.

"But where's the humanity in locking up two Australian-born toddlers 1800km from the only home they have ever known?"