Gladstone icon: Wistari sails on Photo Contributed by Marina Hobbs
Gladstone icon: Wistari sails on Photo Contributed by Marina Hobbs Contributed by Marina Hobbs

LIVE COVERAGE: Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race


SUNDAY 9AM: Yachts will be finishing throughout the day today so get out and have a glimpse.

Local boat No Problem is in the harbour making its way to the finish while our other crews look like it may be dark before they get to the line.

As dawn breaks on day three the bulk of the fleet remain on the course in a tussle with an uncooperative wind pattern.

The early finishers, Black Jack and Alive, have been enjoying Gladstone hospitality for some time now and at 3am this morning were joined by Tam Faragher's Kerr built Kerumba.

Saturday evening saw a flurry of retirements when the wind died off completely but for those that stuck it out, the wind has now filled back in, all be it lightly.

Despite their perseverance, with the gap between the finish times of the two front runners and the rest of the fleet is such that it is now likely that the major trophies will be shared almost exclusively between Black Jack and Alive.

Next in this morning is expected to be Townsville based Guilty Pleasures VI followed by Dekadence and Ragtime. 

Following these is a tight bunch of three boats, Carbon Credits, Synchronicity and Dream and then, we will be back into the hours of darkness for the rest of the fleet.


3.30 PM Alive finished the race and is the second boat into Gladstone.

It is starting to become really slow going for the rest of the boats with very little wind around.

The next boats are estimated to finished around 7.30pm.

12.19PM Black Jack is now in Gladstone marina as the first yacht to finish.

It really ran away from Alive in the line honours win.

The front of the multihull fleet is hard to call as it is nearing the end.

Our local boats are still moving along in similar fashion to before.


We're told to expect the first of the boats in Gladstone around 10am.

Where will you be watching from?


Black Jack is still in the lead, travelling at 13.5 knots and currently at the northern tip of the Eurimbula National Park. 

Alive is further out to sea, travelling at 8knots coming past Agnes Water - wave your good morning to them Agnes! 

7.33PM Friday:

The wind seems set to ease overnight and into the morning slowing the boats rate of knots. 

We might hit the pillow for the night and be back to keep you up to date in the morning.

Good luck to all our Gladstone boats and hopefully we get some finishers to watch come in tomorrow.

My option for a bet of a 'lemonade or two' on Blackjack is still open!


Leeway is also out of the monohull event, heading to shore near Mooloolaba.


Here is what has changed since we have been away:

Captain Silver is a retirement from the multihull race.

Morticia is still leading the line honours in the multihull and has a small gap back to Chillpill then Boss Racing.

No Problem is not losing too much ground to the pack but is still well back in handicap as well as line honours.

Blackjack's advantage in the monohull has been cut by Alive but it is still holding a healthy lead.

Wistari is still first in the Cruising and Classics and is second overall in all other eligible handicap classes to Camille and the two would be able to see each other if it were light.

Restless has slowed in relation to all the other boats and is just ahead on the water from Wistari.

Information on the yacht's handicap position are not updated.


For anyone who was not there, the parade was fantastic.


The Boat Works has also stopped at Mooloolaba. Not sure if it is stopping for a coffee or the boat isn't working.

Perhaps it needs a name change?

We are off to the Harbour Festival Parade for a little while. Hope to see you out there cheering on all the floats and enjoying the festivities.

I will be back afterwards to bring you more from what is happening on the water.


Top Gun seems to have turned around in the multihull race and is heading south. Not sure what is happening with the yacht.

Our three boats are still steady.


Not much is changing out there on the water, there looks to still be a bit of wind around and the boats are making reasonable progress.

The standings are much the same and all three Gladstone yachts are still in the same position.

The only retirement remains B-52 who is out of the monohull race.


Blackjack is nearly clear of the Sunshine Coast area and it heads north of Sunshine Beach.

Our local boats position: 

Wistari- Due East of Banksia Beach and third last of the remaining boats

Restless- 17th in line honours and leading the ORCi Div 2

No Problem- Making good time and currently at 11.6 knot. 14th in line hours for Multihull racing


The race is still hot at the front of the multihull, four yachts looking like you could throw a blanket over them.

I am willing to bet anyone a 'lemonade' Blackjack will take line honours in the monohull race.


Chillpill and The Boat Works have taken off in the last hour, streaking ahead in the multihull race.

In the same race, Gladstone boat No Problem is just entering the open water as is Restless in the monohull field.

Wistari looks like it will hit open water in around half an hours time and pick up more wind near the Bribie Island coast.


Boss Racing is also in the mix of the leading pack in the multihulls, doing 18.3 knots at current.


The first multihull boats are just making their way into open water, four yachts within touching distance of each other.

Morticia still holds a narrow advantage with Chillpill, The Boat Works and Top Gun just behind.

Restless has moved into IRC and ORCi Division Two lead in the monohulls, while Wistari and No Problem are both slowly losing touch of the main packs.

Blackjack is killing it at the front of the monohull race and if nothing goes wrong I am willing to bet it will take another line honours victory. 


Blackjack is the lead boat in the monohull group, the first boat out into open water only recently.

Our local boats are getting along at the same pace as before, mid-to-back pack but in the mix on handicap.

No Problem, Ray Hobbs' multihull boat, is following a large pack and getting towards the back in terms of lines honours.

Wistari is still holding the Cruising and Classic category lead and Restless is mid-pack in line honous.

B-52 has retired from the race with a blown mainsail.

12.35: Just headed for some tucker, i'll get back to you soon!


THE 2015 edition of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race has begun and all three Gladstone are currently mid-field.

They will be hoping to make the most of early wind and get out into open water as soon as possible.

An hour after the race began, Wistari, skippered by Scott Patrick, was leading the Cruising and Classic category.

Blackjack and Alive has already separated themselves from the rest of the monohull fleet at the front, while Morticia is slightly ahead in the multihull race but it is close on the water.

Check back for more updates throughout the day.