High achiever excited for ATAR system


STUDENTS hoping to score a high Australian Tertiary Admission Rank will be studying hard for the next two senior schooling years, including one Brisbane student hoping to get into medicine or engineering.

Matisse Black, who has just started Year 11 at Brisbane Girls Grammar School, she said she is a "bit nervous" starting the new scheme but is excited for the new and revised subjects on offer.

"I think, like most people, I am a bit nervous because I don't know exactly what to expect," she said.

"I can't speak to older students about their experiences because we are the first group to enter the ATAR system."


Matisse Black hopes to get into medicine or engineering. Picture: AAP/Steve Pohlner
Matisse Black hopes to get into medicine or engineering. Picture: AAP/Steve Pohlner


Despite being nervous, she is also excited the new system is being introduced in Queensland.

"It allows us to have the same opportunities as the other states in Australia," she said.

Miss Black is one of BGGS' highest achievers, and is hoping for a top ATAR score to get into her desired Bachelor degree after graduation.

"I will be doing my best to obtain a score of 98 or above, which I believe would provide me entry to medicine or engineering," she said.

"I plan to study Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Design Technology, English, Chemistry and Biology."

She said she is particularly excited for Specialist Mathematics (originally Maths C) because her teacher said the curriculum has changed with new topics on offer.

"The subject I am most excited for is Design Technology," she said.

Miss Black said her teachers have spent a lot of time preparing students to feel confident under the new system.

"I feel well supported with the transition," she said.

"Assessment is important, and achieving well on our assessment is important, but we have been told to focus on the learning and we will continue to do well."