Bridge upgrade critical to Baffle Creek community

EACH time it rains more than a little bit, the people of Baffle Creek get stuck at home.

And it's all to do with one bridge - the Essendean Bridge over Baffle Creek.

The time has surely come for the Department of Main Roads to take a close look at this bridge - which is the lifeline for the people of the Baffle Creek area - and fix the problem.

Come to think of it, there are many roads and bridges around our region that suffer from flooding ever too frequently - and some communities are cut off from the rest of the world for days on end when we get serious rain.

Sure, we know some of our roads are built on flood plains and they are actually designed as floodways to deal with large volumes of water, but if they isolate residents for any length of time something needs to be done to correct the problem.

Let's start with the Essendean Bridge and give the people of Baffle Creek some certainty that they can get in and out when they need to in times of emergency.