Brett White at an earlier competition.
Brett White at an earlier competition. Geoff Potter/n24500c

White takes time to catch up while winning another title

RELAXING on Agnes Water beach, Brett White looked as if he would not want to be anywhere else.

A Noosa local now hailing from the Basque country of Spain, White knows Agnes Water better than most visitors, being a three-time Longboard Classic winner.

Back for another shot at the surfing competition, White was so happy on the beach catching up with friends, he might easily not have worried about having another tilt at all.

But after not being here for last year's event, he was keen to get back into it.

"I have missed a couple. I have lived in Spain; I have a factory over there making boards," White said.

"I try to get up here as much as I can. It is even just good to catch up with everyone."

A professional from back when he was younger, White, now 34, won an Australian championship a few years after his first Longboard Classic title.

In fact, White was the inaugural winner, drawn away from the travelling lifestyle by settling down with a family.

"I won the very first year it was on," he said. "I have given up surfing in the last couple of years. I have some kids. It has relaxed me, so I come to events like this one."

Sticking around as long as the surf is on in Agnes Water, White has no immediate plans of heading back overseas to Spain, taking the time to relive the past and surf his favourite breaks along the Queensland coast.

The winners:

Open 9ft Malibu - Brett White

Over-40s - Glenn Gunningham

Over-50s - Greig Williams

Over-60s - John Ryan

Traditional (Pre 1967) - Mick Cottier

Open 8ft Freestyle - Neil Mergard

Junior - Matt Schuler

Women's Open - Kathryn Hughes

SUP - Jamie Williems